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eRiders of the Alisal ~ Winter 2008

Students Write About the Alisal

We'd like to share some thoughts with our readers from the letters of two high school students who wrote about their Alisal experiences. These stories were sent to us by their families as a way of letting us know just how much their yearly visits have meant to each of them. We were moved by their words and by the lasting influence their Alisal experiences have apparently had in shaping their thoughts while growing up. It honors us that each family was willing to share them with us and with you as well.

Bob Rembert's GD

A Tour of the New Fitness Center & Spa

From the welcoming front porch framed by two young Sycamore trees to the relaxing massage rooms named after local flora, our new Fitness Center & Spa is being well received by everyone who walks through its airy front doors. Since it opened in June, the center has become a gathering place for those using its variety of services and enjoying its energetic atmosphere. Most often said about our newest addition to the ranch is that even though the building was constructed from the ground up within the last 18 months, it feels like it has been there a very long time.


'Wrangler Approved' Spa Package...

Now that we have a beautiful new spa, we must certainly offer a spa package. Of course we do, but first we have to mention, our wranglers here on the ranch almost fell into an identity crisis of herd proportions when they learned we were going to have a spa. Oh no, not that aromatherapy stuff and mud facials here in cow country? But that is what we are happy to offer at last, an Alisal Signature Spa Package with a twist. Now, a few of the wranglers have converted into believing that a massage could be the best way to ease those trail miles out of weary joints and that smelling the wafts of sage drifting around the spa rooms is like riding in the hills, with an added benefit.

Spa Package

Alisal Trailblazers

It has been many years since Alisal guests have ridden around the end of a steep, densely vegetated, razor sharp ridge next to the adobe and climbed up into the deep cool canyon under Ronald Reagan's old ranch. Thanks to the Alisal's cattle foreman and ranch hand, this brushed-over and washed-out stretch of breathtakingly beautiful wild land firebreak road was recently reopened. Riders wasted no time re-exploring its twists and turns through country frequented only by wildlife. At times pushing through a jungle of branches, swiping them aside, longtime Alisal guests, Carole Campbell, Eden Nesse, Ron and Sue Tatar, and avid riding guests Lynn and Barry Friesen, became adventurers on this first of what we know will be popular longer advanced walking rides into the backcountry, which many of our guests may be interested in.

Trailblazers 2008

Mourning Bill Train ~

The Alisal golf community lost the most influential personality in our history on August 29, 2008. After a long illness Bill Train passed away peacefully among family members at his home in Buellton, near Solvang and the Alisal that he loved. He was eighty-nine years old. Until his illness prevented him, he loved to stop in at the Ranch Course for regular visits. In many ways, Bill was to the Alisal Ranch Course what Jake Copass was to the Alisal Guest Ranch. He was the consummate PGA Golf Professional, beginning his career over 60 years ago in Southern California. In 1979 he retired from 26 years of service as the PGA golf pro at the Alisal, but his influence here spans more than 50 years. He and his beloved wife Mary Ann, who worked alongside him, were largely responsible for making the club what it is today.

Bill Train

Marcy Get's Married

During the 14 years she has been a fulltime employee with the Alisal, many guests have had the pleasure of getting to know Marcy Clevenger our Director of Activities and now also of the Fitness Center and Spa. Her vivacious nature and dedication to the Ranch have made her a key person here. Since she has many fond memories of growing up spending Sundays after church with her family at the Ranch Course it was meaningful to have her wedding ceremony on the driving range tee and reception in the clubhouse where she recalls eating many a grilled cheese with her sister.

Marcy's Wedding

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