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50th Anniversary - Meet the Managers...Again

Over the years, The Alisal's general managers each brought their own styles and personalities to the Ranch. We caught up with two of them.

Harold LaVonne ... 1962-1968, Under Mr. LaVonne's leadership, The Ranch still had a certain feeling of roughing it. "We had no type of air conditioning in the dining room. In the summer, we would bring in these great big fans but, even with jackets off, it was still very hot.

"For awhile, there was someone who was letting all the horses out at 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning," LaVonne reminisces. "I started sleeping with my boots by the side of the bed. I would get into my car and drive down Alisal Road in the dark. Then, I would turn around, put the lights on bright and direct them back to the stable.

"The Ranch was primarily for horse lovers when I arrived and we had this wonderful golf course that some groups and the members would use. We established a three day golf package (a similar one is still offered today), and the golfers showed up. During that time we even changed the name of The Ranch to The Alisal Country Club Ranch which was later modified to today's name," LaVonne remembers. After being at The Alisal, Mr. LaVonne was a consultant, specializing in country clubs.

Bill White ... 1968-1978, "I was also assistant manager from 1957 to 1961 . I then traded in horses for boats to run the Balboa Bay Club for seven y ears before coming back to The Alisal," Mr. White relates. "I had a very enjoyable time and experience at The Ranch. We ran about 85 horses and would have anywhere from 45 to 65 children at any time during the summer.