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Riders of the Alisal ~ Winter 2011/2012


Riders of the Alisal newsletter - Winter 2011/12


We hope you enjoy our 2011/12 Winter Edition of Riders of the Alisal.

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Enjoy ~

Alisal Guest Ranch Staff

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~ Highlights from this Edition ~

 Alisal Package Wrap-Up

Our inaugural BBQ Bootcamp debuted in late October and was presided over by the Alisal’s Executive Chef Pascal Gode and the legendary Grill Master and Hitching Post Restaurant owner, Frank Ostini. Participants at the four-day /three-night event went home full of grilling secrets and of course had their fill of the best grilled cuisine you can imagine.  Perhaps it was that culinary experience that, pardon the pun, “created a thirst” for the Harvest Wine Event that followed soon after.
We will be offering this package again in 2012 so be sure to visit the website and sign-up early.

To learn more about how the Harvest Wine Weekend went, read the full article.


Alisal Package Wrap-up



A Picture is Worth...

We appreciate the kind words sent to us by our guests and the photos and videos provide a window into the Alisal only guests can fully appreciate. By posting your photo memories it allows everyone to relive their own special moments at the Ranch.

So we encourage you to share your Alisal adventures on our Flickr and Facebook pages by contacting webmarketing@alisal.com.


For more 2012 guest pictures download the full article.

Family Memories

The Alisal Piano Man

For more than 43 years, Bill has been filling the Alisal lounge and dining room with a dazzling array of show tunes, big band standards, and contemporary favorites that he seems to effortlessly pull from memory. For generations, guests have made requests for their favorite tunes and more than occasionally when they return, Bill greets them with their usual requests.

We are privileged to have him here and on behalf of all the guests we want to say “thank you Bill” for providing the soundtrack for so many great Alisal memories.

To learn more about Bill's story, download the full article.


Alisal Piano Man

Read more stories and see more pictures in our Riders of the Alisal newsletter.

To find out what packages Alisal is currently offering, visit our website: www.alisal.com/packages.html.

To submit your own stories to be considered for our bi-annual Riders of the Alisal newsletter, please email lautensack@alisal.com
Thank you for being a part of the Alisal tradition.
We look forward to seeing you again.