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Riders of the Alisal ~ Winter Edition 2011


Riders of the Alisal newsletter - Winter 2011


We hope you enjoy our 2011 Winter Edition of Riders of the Alisal.

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Enjoy ~

Alisal Guest Ranch Staff

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~ Highlights from this Edition ~

First Annual BBQ Bootcamp  

 Hosted by Chef Pascal

The Ranch has been specializing in barbecue for over 60 years and now we are letting guests in on a few of our trade secrets. During this three-night, four-day program, guests will hone their grilling skills, gain grilling confidence, and learn the ins and outs of Santa Maria-style BBQ from Alisal Executive Chef Pascal Godé and Hitching Post II Restaurant owner Frank Ostini.

If you would like to  participate in our "dry run" from March 31 - April 3 at a steeply discounted rate, please download the full article for details.



Alisal BBQ Bootcamp

Alisal Bathroom Remodel

What We Have All Been Waiting For!

The newly renovated suites boast a wide range of updates while still maintaining the western flair you’ve grown accustomed to at the Alisal. We have added over 70 square feet to the main bathroom and included a custom tiled shower with glass panels, separate bathtub, pedestal sink, new light fixtures, and tile flooring.

To find out which rooms have new bathrooms, download the full article.

Koenig-Taylor-Comerford Family

The NEW Alisal Wine Club

Treat Yourself or Your Friends!

As interest in fine wine has grown, so to have the number of guests suggesting we share our access to some of the world’s great wines with others. As a result, for the first time ever, we are introducing the Alisal Wine Club!

The Alisal Wine Club features three membership options to satisfy every wine lover:


  • Cellar Notes monthly newsletter — detailed wine information and perfectly paired Chef Pascal recipes
  • Free, annual subscription to the national wine, food and travel magazine:  Touring & Tasting (newsstand price: $6.95 per issue)
  • Member discounts — up to 70% off retail wine prices
  • No membership fees & cancel anytime
  • Every wine is 100% guaranteed!
For more information on the Alisal Wine Club, download the full article or go to the Alisal Wine Club website.
Alisal Wine Club

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