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The Alisal Guest Ranch Articles

The Life of a Dude Wrangler by Dick Silva

Oct 16, 2012

The life of a wrangler is somewhat the same as a cowboy except that there are no cattle in the daily work of a wrangler. The name “Wrangler” comes from the 1800’s when the big cattle ranches would have to drive their cattle from the home ranch to market, which would usually be a few hundred miles away and would take from three to six months.

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BBQ Boot Camp

Apr 01, 2012

Push-ups in muddy fatigues, 10-mile runs with a sack of rocks -- boot camps generally aren't all that appealing. Unless, of course, you're talking Santa Maria-style barbecue...

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The Other Barbecue

Feb 01, 2012

The world of barbecue is enjoying a coast-to-coast renaissance in hundreds of new ’cue joints and on numerous television food shows. Although every major U.S. city offers barbecue in some form, you’ll essentially find one or more of the four well-known regional styles: Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City, and Texas.

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FORBES - The Biggest Resort You Never Heard Of

Nov 17, 2011

Outside of Southern California, not a whole lot of people I know are familiar with Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort. That’s a real shame. I just got back from my first visit,...

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Family Road Trip: Alisal Ranch - 10 Reasons to Giddyup and Go

Nov 06, 2011

Parents and families....this one's for you. I had a little, "vacation epiphany," after spending the weekend at Alisal Ranch with my husband & two monkeys...

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Day Spa Magazine - Horse Sense

Mar 01, 2011

Your guests, many of them city folks whose faces you’ve seen splashed across the cinema screen, have spent the day riding on horseback over miles of trails at your resort...

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Santa Barbara Independent - Down Under up in the Valley

Jul 11, 2009

Chef Curtis Stone Sure to Rock Outback at the Alisal Ranch

Anybody-well, anybody blessed with good genes that add up to dreamy blue eyes, a roguish smile, a surfer’s build, and a tousled blond coif-can be named one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive...

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The Alisal Near Santa Barbara Offers Spa Pampering and Cattle Rancher Activities

Mar 17, 2009

The Alisal, a guest ranch and resort near Santa Barbara, California, might be a good option for those travelers who want a real rancher experience but still appreciate the finer things in life.

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